Sunday, April 15, 2012


I took a trip to Bristol yesterday. If you are hoping for a post with lots of photo's of the bustling city, you won't find them here. I wanted to go to the zoo. I love zoo's. But I also wanted to go on a 2nd date with a man I fancy and the zoo in Bristol was the best pretense I could find to inviting him on a day out. I'm not going in to all the date details on my blog (that's what my private journal is for) but the most basic details are these:

I took a train from Cheltenham to Bristol (my first train ride). We walked, taking a scenic route to the zoo, he acting as tour guide. We walked and talked and walked and talked, we went to the zoo, we had dinner, we went up a tower, we saw other things, we walked some more, we watched a swan stalk a duck. I managed to miss the last train to Cheltenham but was able to secure a ride from a friend from Gloucester. It was perfect. The only thing I could have asked for was warmer weather, but then again, perhaps I should have been more sensible in dressing myself for the day (that turned into a night).

One of the first places we were going to see was the church in the background. It was magnificent from the outside, but a wedding was being held so we couldn't go inside. The river and it's activity on both sides of the bank reminded me of Boston though you don't see as many boats along the Charles.

I loved the pigeons and cloths pins that looked like little birds.

We followed the river out of town, towards the Clifton suspension bridge. I loved the texture and contrast of the old road, or railroad path, that is falling in decay, against the backdrop of the river.

There is a long winding paved foot path that leads to the bridge. It reminded me of a walking version of the road to Hana in Maui. We walked across the bridge and back, looking out across the city, then walked up the hill behind it. I'm not sure we could have gotten much higher in Bristol. It was a cloudy day, but there was a patch of sunlight out in the far pastures.

Towards dusk we walked past this church that had been bombed during WWII. There was a beautiful little herb garden on the grounds and I felt a small lump in my throat looking at the church.

And to end this non-tour of Bristol, we really did go to the zoo. The lemur habitat is open and the lemur's very brave. Their fur is so soft and you want to reach out and touch them, but as we walked past one of the employee's in the enclosure we noticed his hand wrapped in bandages. Lemur's are not pets. But they are cute.

And me. He was the one who suggested have the photo taken. How did he know I would want it? Not to worry, I didn't have my photo taken as every animal in the zoo.

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Cara said...

sounds like it was a lot of fun!! He should have gotten in the pictures with you!