Tuesday, June 5, 2012


We've had a four day holiday this weekend. It was a combination of the May bank holiday (I don't know what it's for - just time off) and an extra day for the Jubilation for the Queen's 60th anniversary. I went to a BBQ on Sunday at the local church around the corner. They must have thought I was the rudest person ever since I didn't partake in the toast (it was champagne) and I didn't sing along to the National Anthem (which I only know as My Country Tis of Thee and I don't think they'd much appreciate me singing those lyrics!)

Today my friend Sarah and I hopped on the bus and went to Tewkesbury. Tewkesbury is one of the still existing Medieval towns, unfortunately I didn't get any photo's of the town itself. The weather wasn't very cooperative for sight seeing and photo ops.

This is the Abbey. It dates back to the 11th century. And yes, the hair quickly got put into braids. It was a bit windy...

 The grounds were beautiful. Even on such a cold and wet day we loved the place. Sarah and I both end of going to places alone and never have anyone to take photo's of us touring places so we were a bit like kids on a field trip taking photo's of each other on our respective cameras.

 My camera is lame and won't take non-blurry photo's indoors. I have a few ultra-blurry photo's that I didn't post.

 A nook with lovely smelling flowers.

This house had a funny plaque that said "In 1706 nothing exciting happened here". I'm sure the tenants get tired of tourist thinking that every single building has historic significance. I just thought it was a nice looking passage way.
 This was another passageway that led into an amazing bookstore where we spent hours looking at surveyor maps and leather bound tomes. I managed to find a quaintly illustrated James Herriot book for £2.50. Of course the large book became heavier and heavier as the day went on...

 Here is the Back of Avon. The swan was swimming towards us and I was hoping to get a nice profile of the swan with the bridge, willows, and narrowboats, but shortly after I took this a few people walked onto the bridge and started feeding the ducks and swans. I had nothing to offer.

This is an old flour mill on the river way. There were several old abandon manufacturing buildings here. It reminded me of Gaskill's North & South. 


Next time I go I'll get a few pictures of the town for those interested in seeing a classic Medieval town. 

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Kelly said...

Love the pictures! I would love to see pictures of the medieval town.

Have you been to Lincoln? We sang at the Lincoln Cathedral last summer and it was such a perfect medieval town. Crooked streets and crooked shops with crooked doors. A huge cathedral across from a castle. I loved it! Also, the BEST savory pies!